Sannel Larson

Saturday, May 10, 2014

For you, my friend!

This poem is a very special dedication to my very best friend Sussie who's birthday is today. Sussie, you have been there for me when I needed you the most. You have a special piece of my heart that you'll hold for ever. Thank you for all you do, and all you are!
Sweet friend, I love you dearly!

Oh, what a beautiful treasure 

to have a best friend like you.

A friend I can always count on

on good days or when I feel blue.

You're always there to lend a hand

through heartache, pain and tears.

You cheer me up like no other

I value our time--the days, the years.

I believe you're an angel in disguise

touching everyone with a heart so sweet.

Caring words and a sparkle in your eye

a radiant smile to whomever you meet.

I received the greatest gift of all

when you walked through my door 

Thank you for all the joy and laughter,

great memories and oh, so much more.

Sussie, your name is written in my heart 

your footprints are there to stay.

My beautiful friend, I love you

more than words ever could say.

For you, my friend! Text copyright © 2014 by Sannel Larson


Thursday, January 30, 2014

For Max In Loving Memory

Max as a pup!

One night you came into my life 

like a sweet angel in disguise.

A black and white ball of fur

with the sweetest puppy eyes.


God surely must have known 

I needed someone like you.

So he sent you on a mission

to love me through and through. 


Now I had someone to care for

morning, noon, evening and night.

To love you with all my heart

make your days happy and bright.


In your own special little ways 

you made me forget my sorrow.

You made sure I never felt alone

brought me strength to face tomorrow.


My faithful, loving companion,

your devotion to me unsurpassed.

For thirteen years you guarded me

nothing much in return you asked.


God gave me the greatest gift of all

when he sent Max to my door. 

He became my very best friend, 

my savior, and oh, so much more.


But some things are inevitable 

even angel dogs grow tired and old. 

Our Lord told Max to return to heaven 

so he can rest his weary heart of gold.


No, please I can't go on without him

He's my greatest treasure. I love him so!

I'll be left with a heart that's broken, 

how can I possible ever let him go?


As my heart filled with endless tears

God told me to be selfless and kind. 

Max had always given me his best

now we must give him peace of mind. 


We shall free his spirit from his body

which is worn out with so much pain,

so he can frolic in the heavenly fields 

as a happy and healthy puppy again.


So the other night I held him in my arms 

as I gazed into his wise but tired eyes. 

I told him how much I truly loved him 

and then he left for the heavenly skies.


No words can describe this pain I feel. 

How will I find the strength to go on? 

To face each day without my friend 

shall be lonely now when he's gone. 


Though his golden heart stopped beating

he's now a happy pup in a very special place.

Frolicking and playing with his angel friends,

barking with joy as he angel rabbits chase.


Max, you've been my rock, my joy, my love. 

Thank you, God for sending him my way. 

I give thanks to my sweet, furry little angel, 

you made my life so much richer by the day.

~ Dec. ?, 2000 - Jan. 27th, 2014 ~

Though Life Goes On Without You
It Will Never Be The Same. . . .

My, Sweet Baby 
I Never Will Forget You.

I Miss You So Much!
Thank You, My Angel
I'll Always Love You.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Until We Meet Again. . .

Sannel and her Dad

Dad. . .

You taught me to be kind

cherish the joy of giving.

Care for each and everyone

not to hate, always be forgiving.

Dad. . .

You taught me to care

for people and animals alike.

Never steal, lie or cheat,

to be respectful and polite.

Dad. . .

You taught me to be strong

yet to be loving and sweet. 

Be grateful for what I have, 

give thanks for the food I eat

Dad. . . 

You taught me the value of life

is not measured by my things,

but by the richness of giving,

the love and joy it me brings.

Dad. . . 

You taught me to believe 

have faith in my inner strength. 

With hard work and creativity 

I'll reach my dreams at any length. 

Dad. . . 

Thank you for your wisdom, 

your patience and gentle love. 

You gave me a strong foundation 

a precious gift, I'll never let go of.

Dad. . .

Thank you for giving me life 

holding my small hand in yours.

For all your hugs and kisses,

wiping away my painful tears.

Dad. . . 

I'll always admire and look up to you

and love you dearly, as I did back then. 

I'm blessed to have been your little girl,

I hope that one day, I'll see you again.

Dad. . . 
The 19th of December, 2013
 would have been your 90th birthday.

There are things that I'll always remember,
no matter how old I may grow.

Because. . .

As I look into the mirror
I catch a glimpse of you.
I see you in my blue eyes, 
and in my bright smile too.

Until we meet again. . . 
I miss being your daughter.
I love you, dad.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Pain

In the midst of November

where the signs of life has died,

no one notices the winds gentle sobs

beneath the flickering lampposts. 

Foot prints are left in the shadows

as dead as the ones who's living.

Crawling roots extend their fingers 

through leaf filled, muddy gutters. 

Fallen dreams turn their back to me 

and I fumble in the icy darkness.

The only sound that can be heard 

is the muted emptiness in my soul.

Entangled in a ball of barbed wire 

the silhouette of pain is growing. 

I cling desperately to the living, 

in the midst of November. 

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Looking through a Kaleidoscope

The pond was glittering at a distance,
and I stopped in my uncertain pace.
Everything looked so pretty,
the shifting images of beautiful colors under airy pillow clouds,
as looking through a kaleidoscope.
The smell of cotton candy and ice-cream
intertwined between sweet laughter and carefree voices.
Bluebirds sensed a song in every breeze,
and I saw it so clearly.
Black-polished shoes and shapely legs draped in nylons passed by,
and yes, children too.
They were skipping in glee holding balloons in their hands.
Pearls sparkled clear and sweet on my face.
Gentle winds were sending dandelion wishes on a journey,
while stars between emerald grass waited in bliss.
Naked feet were running by, followed by a few more,
crushing them with each step.
Unfulfilled wishes.
Someone was crying, I looked around.
Faded jeans were bumping into me.
A fiery sneaker stepped on my patent leather shoe.
I looked down.
The echoes of a chalky footprint were all that was heard.
My white sock rimmed with lace was ruined.
I glanced over to my other shoe.
Untouched, still so pure.
Someone was crying, and I looked up.
A blue balloon was meeting my eyes.
It looked so familiar.
Hastily it flew gleefully away through the darkened sky,
and I remembered how the sugar coated air stuck to my skin.
Sound of ruffled wings in dead air.
Someone was crying, I didn't care.
The pond was glittering at a distance.

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Splendid Stillness- A Poem by Sannel Larson

Painted sky, honeyed tresses dipped in crimson wine

spread its flushed auric glow on thyme covered hills

Its aromatic perfume trembles in the stillness, so fine

sweet, intoxicating nectar, my growing thirst fulfills


Whispering winds traveling through the evening air 

sending sunbaked dust and unspoken dreams my way 

The sound of a lyre walzes graciously through my hair 

while its echo cast its shadow on this sunset, on display


I see a sash of golden amber floating before my eyes

'tween lush branches where olives and figs intertwine 

Stillness fills the air as the melody of the cicada dies 

ephemeral tranquility touches my bare skin, so refined 


As day becomes night under the rising of the moon

stone upon stone of antiquity are dozing in fitful rest

From the palm of my hand, bits of my soul are strewn 

in this fleeting moment of splendid stillness, as its best 

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved